A Rebel user is sending spam or other network abuse

Although rebel is a no-fuss service, we take a very harsh view on all forms of network abuse, such as spam and denial of services atacks.  If you believe a rebel user has been attacking you, you should send email to us at abuse@rebel.net.au.  We will need you to include all relevant details.  In the case of spam or other obnoxious emails, it probably is best for you to forward the complete email message to us, but at a minimum you must include all of the email headers.  Those headers especially include all of the Received: headers.

If you use Microsoft Windows you might have to hunt around to find how to send the complete headers;  Unfortunately we cannot offer suggestions on how to find them, because it depends entirely on what exact mail program you use.

Joining Rebel

If you want to become a rebel subscriber, please follow the instructions on our Join Rebel page.

Reporting a problem with Rebel

If you want to report a problem with rebel, please send details to support@rebel.net.au.

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