Personal membership

$35 annual maintenance fee plus: These prices include 10% GST.

You'll have a 10mb disk quota (for your mailbox, web pages and other files.)

Further information is at  Also see our FAQ.

Unauthorised access

No unauthorised use of our service is permitted, however in the event that there access which has not been authorised, fees will be charged and will be due for immediate payment:
Unauthorised use of dial-in port$1,100 per call
Time charge for unauthorised use$1,100 per minute
Data charge for unauthorised use$1,100 per byte sent
$1,100 per byte received
Interest on late payments10% per day, compounding
These prices include 10% GST for Australian consumers.  International prices are $100 less in each category.

Corporate membership

Corporate access to the Internet is via dedicated high-speed modems. You get a telephone number which only you can dial, which connects you to a high speed modem; nobody else will be given that number and so the modem will be there for your use whenever you want (technical and telco problems not withstanding). Rebel is connected to the Internet via a permanent ISDN connection so performance is very good.

Costs are:

In addition you will want to obtain your own IP network address and register your own domain name. We can assist you in filing registration forms.

Further information is at

Virtual hosting

Virtual hosting allows you to have a network identity without having a network connection. You register your network name, design your web pages and install them on Rebel, and then the world can surf your web site.

You can have your ftp site hosted on Rebel, too. And you can have your email delivered to rebel.

Costs are:

You are responsible for registration of your own domain name.  We can assist with filing of the forms.

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