Who we are

Rebel is owned and operated by Tellurian Pty. Ltd., an Adelaide based computer consultancy.  Early in the 1990's, Tellurian, realising that a good internet connection is essential for business, secured a permanent, 64Kbps ISDN connection.  At that time a fast modem operated at less than half of that speed!  Since then, Tellurian has improved their facility, and now boasts a multi-megabit fibre link to the Internet.

Of course all of this is a substantial expense and so Tellurian chose to defray costs by on-selling access.  Welcome to Rebel.

What you get

As a personal rebel subscriber, you are provided with a Unix shell account, and a 10MB disk quota for storage of the mail, files and Web pages.  You connect to rebel using PPP.  We place no unreasonable restrictions on what you can do; so long as it's legal and doesn't impinge on other rebel or net users, then whatever you want to do is fine by us.  Be well mannered and law abiding on the net, don't hog modems or network bandwidth, don't bring Rebel into disrepute, or do anything offensive, and have fun!

We have 10 modems and will expand our subscriber base to 100 people.  This generous ratio of modems to subscribers, coupled with our fair share policy, is aimed to ensure that you can get on to the net when you want to.

Fair Share

In fact, the cost per hour is one of the best things about Rebel!  You pay a flat fee and for that you get a "fair share" of our resources.  Fair share mean that you can stay on-line as long as you like, so long as there's at least one modem free for someone else to use.  If all modems are busy, the person who has been logged on the longest is asked to log off for a while.  Fair share means that you can run your own programs on rebel, even after you log off, so long as you don't deny anyone else from running their program.  Fair share means that you can upload and download as much and as long as you like, so long as you don't prevent other subscribers from their fair share.  A more detailed descriptionof the Fair Share policy can be found here.

Fair share means a fair share for all.

No bundled support

Rebel charges are very low.  This is because we don't bundle support costs with subscriptions.  Why should you pay for support that you don't need?  We expect you are already savvy enough to know how to use a login prompt and how to configure your own computer for ppp.  If you don't know how to do this you can pay us to set up your computer for you, or you can ask someone: The net is a very friendly neighbourhood, and most people love the opportunity to help others.

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