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The Australian Government has introduced legislation that we believe is intended to require ISPs to either filter content that has been banned by the Australian Broadcasting Authority, or alternatively to provide information on programs that customers can use to self-filter that content.  All rebel subscribers are adults who have agreed to take full responsibility for everything done with their accounts, and so we are providing the following information on Internet Filtering Software.

Rebel is provided to you with minimal restrictions.  We certainly don't wish to unreasonably stop you from enjoying the internet.  For this reason rebel does not filter internet content; if you permit minors to use your rebel account you should personally monitor what they do while on-line.  If you wish you can purchase and install filtering software on your computer.  We have done some research to help you find and select software that you feel will be suitable for you.

We believe that the internet is inherently non-censorable.  Most network experts agree that no software of filtering service can guarantee to stop children from finding innappropriate material.  Sometimes the filtering software can be easily de-activated or bypassed; sometimes the information that is supposed to be blocked can be retrieved through alternative, unfiltered channels.

Filtering software often blocks a lot of information that is quite harmless, or even educational.  For example, many internet experts have complained that filtering software innapropriately blocks important information such as that relating to Breast cancer.  Electronic Frontiers Australia have some very good information on internet censorship.

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This information is provided in good faith as a service to our subscribers.  We have not necessarily tried any of these programs and we make no representation as to their performance or suitability for your needs.

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This comparison was found at
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September, 1996 issue, page 52
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