Paid support

We now offer paid support to help solve network problems on our customer's computers. This includes things like installing and configuring our customer's software, and fixing problems or finding a work around to them. We don't sell software and you cannot buy it from us under paid support, but we will offer advice if you don't know what software might suit your need and we can help get software on your behalf if you are having trouble obtaining something specific.

Telephone (08) 8130 3100 and ask for Rebel Support.

Incident management

You pay for support from us by the incident. Each separate problem or question is a separate incident, and each incident is managed as follows:
  1. You contact us and ask for Rebel support;
  2. We both agree what the terms of the problem are (what you expect us to do for you);
  3. We explain the payment options and you confirm that you will pay the appropriate amount;
  4. An incident report is raised, and you are given an incident number;
  5. We resolve the incident according to the agreed terms; and
  6. We email the incident resolution to you and the incident is then closed.
We reserve the right to refuse to accept any incident.


The cost for each incident of paid support is:

The easiest way to pay for support is by credit card. Give us your credit card details when the incident is being logged, and we will raise the charge against your card when the incident is resolved. You can, of course, pay by cash or cheque. If we discover that a system malfunction has occured on the Rebel server, we will not charge you for that support.

Requesting support

You can call us by telephone, during normal business hours, on (08) 8130 3100, and ask for Rebel support. Be prepared to tell us your rebel username, the type of computer and operating system (e.g. Macintosh, Windows-95, Linux), what your problem is, and what software you are using which causes or shows this problem. You will also need to confirm how you are going to pay for the support, and it is a good idea to have your credit card handy at that time.

If you want you can email us on and describe your problem. State that you want paid support, and tell us your problem, the type of your computer and operating system, the software you are using, and what you want us to do to solve your problem.

If you wish to fax your problem to us, our number is (08) 8130 3199. Front Page | About This Site | User Services | Prices | Joining Rebel | Contacting Us

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